Kosmic Messengers

Thursday, February 9th, 2023 - 8:00pm

Doors 7pm, $5, all ages

A half century ago, visitors came to earth to share higher knowledge from distant galaxies with mankind. To communicate in an earth-language, they used common devices of the era made of wood, wire, and metal. Their method of transmission? Music, specifically new forms called Jazz-Rock, Fusion and Progressive. Earthlings were dazzled by these revelatory music transmissions, reveling in ecstatic flurries of notes, the twisting of time signatures, and melodies that seemed to come from … another world.

Mankind, seduced by the passion of the transmissions, was unfortunately unable to decode the intended messages, content to merely marvel in the magnitude of the sound. The visitors soon left, knowing that the man-species was not yet ready to receive. Time, however, has a way of correcting itself. Using malleable earth-music forms from Miles Davis, Brand X, Jeff Beck, and others, a new group of messengers has launched vibrant new
musical transmissions …

This time, is Mankind ready?

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